Updating norton 360

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Updating norton 360

For example, when a login is saved in Identity Safe website, the username, password, and other details are encrypted.

Encryption occurs before this data is ever transmitted to the server.

So, you need to first create an online Vault using Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, or Norton Identity Safe client/app.

The Identity Safe website allows you to add, modify, and delete only your logins and notes.

In its current implementation, you can add, edit, or delete your logins and notes.

While you can conveniently access your credit cards data on-the-go, the website does not currently enable you to add or edit the details of your cards.

We recommend that you only access your Vault data from a device that you trust to be secure. Your Vault can only be accessed by someone who knows both your Norton account password and your online Vault password.

So, we recommend that you have two different passwords for your Norton account and online Vault.

It transforms the readable login data (plaintext) to unreadable format (ciphertext). The data can be transformed back to readable format only with the correct encryption key, which only you have.

Also, your Vault password is never stored anywhere.

We don't store your Vault password so we cannot retrieve or reset it for you.

If you still cannot remember your Vault password, you need to reset your Vault.

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Maybe you should try removing Norton using the Norton Removal Tool for a deeper removal. If you are using Windows 10, then please turn off Fast Startup. I would try going to Microsoft help about this if you have to do this every time there is a Windows 10 update.

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