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The reason he later gave was that the British tanks then in development by a naval committee seemed to be better devised as regarded lay-out, ventilation and fire protection, so a shipyard might improve on existing French designs.Exact specifications, if they ever existed, have been lost.

The Freshwater Institute was responsible for distributing small numbers of char eggs to producers in Canada; these producers in return helped determine the suitability of char in a commercial setting. I was just thinking that there might be things in the Unicode character set that look like digits but aren't.But really, the problem is other character sets, since the standard does not guarantee that 0-9 are contiguous integer [email protected], actually the C standard does guarantee that.Paragraph 2.2.1 "In both the source and execution basic character sets, the value of each character after 0 in the above list of decimal digits shall be one greater than the value of the previous." So your answer is perfectly valid in a conforming C [email protected], Noldorin: I would consider it very dangerous to "just" pass a pointer to a char array which isn't NULL terminated to a function expecting a NULL terminated string.In the example, remove the colon from the char array and the code will read uninitialized memory.

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At the time, French industry was very active in lobbying for defence orders, using their connections with high-placed officials and officers to obtain commissions; development contracts could be very profitable even when not resulting in actual production, as they were fully paid for by the state.